The Bergatino City State, so named after the city of Bergatine. Once an administrative capital of the Kingdom of Saule under fealty to the Divine Emperor, its was the formation of the Saule Pact along with many other such cities of the region that has lead to a flourishing of independence and wealth to this very region.

While there are some 35 cities of the region, there are definitely five dominate such cities with the many others in various states of allegiance or alliance to those five. The five primary city states include Bergatine, Vinchia, and Montero, these are dominant trade kingdoms inland, while the cities of Valdona and Matora are mostly maritime states.

Major Cities


Ruled by a Duke that oversees a triumvirate of great houses, the Duke of Bergatine is recognized by the Divine Empire as a vassal at present. The Acordolo family is the present ruling family, Duca Martino of Acordolo sits at the head of the triumvirate, supported by the houses of Calderara and Gritti. Among the Ventura, is an aunt of the main line of Gritti that thinks the time of Acordolo has past. Contessa Ciosa Gritti leads the Lion Company that was last seen near Matora during the Battle of Dordolla in 1325, fighting against the Lords of Vinichia/Onara (with/alongside the forces of Matora).

While Acordolo holds the title by bloodline, the position was purchased three generations ago from the Divine Empire. Included in that purchase was the exemption from tax to the Divine Empire but includes mutual support. Both have yet to provide said mutual support in any such conflict.


See Matora


Montero has long been held by the Donado family dating back to the time of the Savon Empire. They have never pressed claim for any title higher than Duca/Duchessa. Presently presided over by Duchessa Ghit Donado, it is rumored they are slowly moving matters to press for recognition as an official principality of the Paragon Stats but waiting to assure the right Curate is in charge over Montero as well as full support of all three of the Reverends of the Paragons. While their title is duke, sons and daughters of the ruling family often take the title of prince or princess. Presently Prince Lorenzo is the heir to Montero. They have recently fallen in standing in the region, losing support from nearby cities to both Valdona and Bergatine.


Valdona has noble families and patrizio alike and the Council of Valdona operates as a Plutocracy currently. All decision come from their primary council of governance with no single entity exercising authority above or outside the jurisdiction of this body of wealthy individuals. There is a current push back from noble houses, including conflict against those wealthy commoners that hold positions on the council.

Primary families at present on the council include: da Figino, Bronzino and Accora (nobility) and the patrizio families of Albergotti, Jacobeli and Deudati. Of note, Francesca Deudati has earned a title of knighthood under the Divine Empire which has been upheld by the Council of Valdona. Cavalieri Francesca Deudati may tip the scales in the ongoing push by nobles to lower the status of the patrizio which would allow nobles to once again hold control over Valdona. The primary opponent of this is Patrizio Leonello Jacobeli who seeks outside support/resources to try to prevent this from happening.


House Guarinelli is thoroughly seated in Vinchia and oft times referred to as the Lords of Vinchia. At the end of the conflicts between the city-states (Saule Pact) and the Divine Empire, Rinieri Guarinelli was granted the highest position in the city under the Empire. Elected into this position, Rinieri used the dissolving of the Saule Pact to solidify the position of House Guarinelli, making the position life long. And then his daughter was granted the position and eventually this became hereditary. Guarinelli has a long standing relationship with House Maldetti who strongly supports their claims, leaving few houses in a position to stand fully in opposition to the Lords of Vinchia. Currently Duchessa Dinolla Guarinelli is the Lord of Vinchia. A friend and ally, Cavalieri Imigla de Maldetti resides over the Ventura di Shaul the Devout. Not the head of Maldetti, but sister to the Lord Maldetti, the friendship between Duchessa Dinolla and Cavalieri Imigla is famous enough they're sometimes referred to as the Savage Sisters. Not directly, as the term relates to the treatment afforded prisoners in the dungeons of Vinchia at the hands of Dinolla and Imigla.

Minor Cities near Matora


Jacopo Paxe, Conte, Lord of Breganze. Ally to Matora, is seeking status as a Duke. This was taken to both Divine Empire and Paragon States, it is after Battle of Cortaccia that Conte Jacopo has become more loyal to Matora and the Paragon States. He is seeking recognition as a Duke from the Reverends through the Curate of Matora it is said.


Duchessa Mea Cimator has survived the battles and sieges in and around Irsina in recent years. Presently she is seeking to make alliances with families of Matora. This is to keep a strong alliance with the city to prevent more incursion by Vinchia or the Divine Empire.


Duca Ercole Thadei resides over the city of Torone, held in place by several families that actually seem to control the city. The Marano Family and the Loredan Family, (Conte/Contessa) truly hold the city through wealth and influence, leaving the Thadei family so long as they stay in check. Its believed by some that Marano and Loredan, while utilizing merchants ships of Matora also do a great deal of trade through Bergatine into northern lands as well.


Following the Saule Pact, Landro started to not only gain nearby cities as allied, but directly took control of other cities. In 1308, Matora rallied with Vinchia to put an end to this rise in power, both seeing Landro as enough of a mutual threat. At that time, Adelfo Rugani was left as the subdued duke of the city, and an ally of Matora at the time. Rugani is a family and one of the Sacario of the region. Their primary rivals, the Tansuro sought refuge in the city of Onara and rose to power. In 1325, with the aid of Vinchia and Imperial Forces of the Divine Empire, Onara laid siege at Dordolla outside the walls of Landro. The main forces of Landro were camped in Dordolla along with forces of Matora and some of the cities of the Paragon States. The battle was lost and Carlo Tansuro has claimed the ducal seat of Landro, remaining an ally of Vinchia.

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