Giuliana Sofia Albrici
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Born in February 1316, Guiliana's father is mostly a distant figure having died at the Siege of Irsina when she was a mere four years old, though with a large family, a devoted mother, and an older brother more than ten years her senior, it was never in doubt that Guiliana would be left lacking for love. Though she was indulged where possible, she was never spoiled, and with a sharp mind and keen intelligence that pleased the tutors procured for her, she learned well the business in which her family were steeped. More than the business of banking however, she loved the wording of contracts and the legality of such, and with her training in stewardship that she'd bent her mind to, she honed her ability for spotting and rectifying the smallest of errors.

Guiliana's interests don't, however, lie purely within the world of business, for as might be expected of any young lady of her breeding she's well accomplished in many of the more social skills. A spirited young woman, she tends to prefer outdoor pursuits over indoor, and along with being a keen horsewoman she enjoys hunting with both bow and hawk. Sadly her over-indulgence in her sporting side does mean that her lessons in the more gentler arts of singing and musical accomplishment were pushed to one side, and that is perhaps the reason why she's seldom asked to perform when the family entertains. She can, however, dance tolerably well if inspired by her partner.

As Guiliana has grown into her majority, she's cast her net of skills wide and turned her attention to the accumulation and holding of assets; playing the markets with her allowance to stockpile goods during a glut and release when demand is high. It is something which her family indulges and encourages her in, and recently several keen investments of her coin have returned surprising results.



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2018 05 05 Breaking In
Does that not seem reckless to you? Giuliana is acting strangely outside the Palazzo d'Albricci,...
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