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Baldessare was born to the minor noble family of Cavallo in the city-state of Irsina. The Cavallo family's trade is focused on livestock, specifically the breeding of some of the finest horses in the region, and Baldessare grew up with a passionate focus on horsemanship. A childhood marked by a violent capture and siege of the city also inspired a drive to learn to fight. When Irsina was recovered and Duchessa Mea Cimator began looking for alliances with Matora to help defend against any future incursions, the Cavallos were one of the families at hand. And so it was that Baldessare Cavallo was betrothed to Amadea Capello, bringing with him some of the finest mares and studs as part of the contract between the two families. It's been several years since the marriage now, and the couple has managed one child so far to begin to secure the Capello's line of inheritance.

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